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Visitors Agreement (You agree to these conditions)

We save IP address of each Voter/Member.
1. We are not be liable for lags, database failure or website downtime which may be caused by hacking, internet problems or any other cause.
2. We reserve the right to delete,modify or create - rules,promotions,users,scripts,data and TOS - for any reason, without notice.
3. Your Website with the info you submited will be listed at the Rankings within maximum 30 minutes after registering.
4. You are not allowed to SPAM in Forums, Chats or send EMAILS with links to your ID/Vote Link.
5. You are fully responsible for the website you are adding
6. None of the linked websites is hosted by us (, we are not responsible for the contents of that sites
7. If your website have no IN votes for more than 4 months it will be deleted
8. IN/OUT (votes/visits) RESTART EVERY MONTH
9. IF we detect cheating, your website may be disabled or deleted without notice
10. The rankings pages update every 15 minutes
11. We are not Affiliated with the websites listed in the rankings under whatever category.
12. You understand and agree that the information you provide will be stored in our database, and may be listed in the rankings (such as website Url, Title,Description, info, category).
13. Your Website Users must vote from link trough your website. No direct votes allowed.
14. Each user can vote only 1 time per 12 hours.
15. We will not SPAM your email, however, we will email you when: you register website , your premium expired, you recover password, and few other cases regarding your registration/website.

These terms apply to anyone using our website whether as a visitor, member or advertiser.


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